Monday, April 26, 2010

Cohen's 1st Boo-Boo

Today Cohen was hanging out on the counter watching daddy cook and he decided to lean forward in his lazy chair. Our poor little guy fell on his forehead on the counter. Thankfully Scott had put it far enough back he only hit the counter and not the tile. Here are some trophy pics Cohen has to show how tough he is. Scott did a great job taking care of him. Daddy had an ice pack on his head and cuddling Mr. man to make him feel better :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hanging out...

Mommy and Daddy really enjoy spending time with Cohen. He is getting more and more fun each day.

Go Diamondbacks

Our good friend from college, Cole Gillespie just got called up to play for the Diamondbacks this last week. We were able to get tickets to the games on Wednesday and Saturday. It was a lot of fun to take Cohen to his first game. It was extra special too since we saw Cole get his first major league hit.

Cole just hit a double!!

Rice Cereal

We gave Cohen rice cereal for the first time this week. He did not quit know what it was. The texture of it really confused him. Hopefully I can figure out how to upload video from my droid to download that soon but until then I only have pics.

I love this face....

Bouncy Bouncy Bounce

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sitting Up

4 month check up

On Friday Cohen went to his 4 month check up appointment. He weighed 18lbs and 1 oz. He was 27 inches long putting him in the 95% for height and 84% for weight. His head was 17 inches, which is average for his age. The doctor said Cohen is very advanced for his age, probably because he is so big. He is sitting up on his own now and loves to stand but needs a little help. Each day he is getting more and more fun. He has developed quite the personality. He loves to play with his toys and definetly likes attention :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Laughing Like Crazy

Cohen and I were playing together on the couch tonight and he was just giggling so much I had to post it.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

My first day swimming...

Auntie Kay and Uncle Todd's visit-

We went to Nascar yesterday it was 375 laps of pure mullet mania. We had a good time but it definetly was a LOOOONG race. Thank goodness we left Cohen with Marissa because I think he would be deaf the rest of his life with how loud that place gets.

At Pizzeria Bianco. We waited in line from 3:00 to 5:00 when it opened. We were the last group to get seated. The pizza is amazing and we had a great time.


and waiting.....

Cohen's first trip to the bar. The girls all wore hardly anything and Cohen was looking at getting dinner from all the ladies :) We went to the Coyotes hockey game afterwards. It was a lot of fun.

Happy Easter

For Cohen's first easter we went over to Brook's mom and dad's house. It was a lot of fun to be with friends.

The puppies....

Cohen wanted mommy's wine.

Cohen's first day in the pool

The pool is still not quit warm enough to go in all the way but Cohen really enjoys getting his hands and feet wet.