Monday, January 30, 2012

Playing Sports

Tonight we went to Scott's basketball game and I think it is the highlight of Cohen's week. Every Monday night he plays and that is all he talks about. He has to wear his "jersey" like daddy and his basketball shoes... which he loves thanks to Auntie Chanel. He has a little ball and he thinks he is just like daddy making baskets and passing. It is pretty cute.

This is him sitting watching the big boys shoot hoops... he is intrigued by them.

Playing soccer in the park with daddy, Cason and Cohen. He is starting to catch on that you can't touch it with your hands.

Using his new golf clubs that Santa brought him. He enjoys golfing just like daddy and his papa's. However, he did tell me that I was not allowed to go to the golf course only boys and nani could.

Weekend Festivities

He just got a new guitar from Grandma Bus and he loves to sing songs. I put a little video of his most recent "hit."

We had a great weekend here in Arizona. The weather was beautiful. We took Cohen to the Scottsdale Train Park on Saturday morning and at 6:15am he came into our room and said "Mommy, Daddy waked up, Choo Choo Thomas today!" He was so excited and had such a wondeful time. This place is amazing, they have trains to ride, model trains and a great playground. We spent about 3 hours there on Saturday.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Feeding the Ducks

We took Cohen to feed the ducks at Estrella and he had so much fun. He loved watching them all come over to him. Then he thought it was fun to chase them off the grass. We all had a great time!

My New Lens

Cohen said he needed his computer to work while he went potty....
Uncle Scott and Brook
This is Cohen dressing himself. He told me "I do it," notice the pants and how twisted they are. His underwear were also on inside out. I love having an independent child. It makes life so easy... NOT!
Cohen fell asleep right before church so I decided to take a few pictures with my new lens. He is so precious when he is sleeping.

Nanni making home made donuts...
Cohen enjoying them...

He loves to do artwork. Painting pictures on his easel is his favorite :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Years in Oregon

We had such a wonderful time in Oregon. We are already looking forward to going back for two weeks when the baby gets here. Cohen loved playing with all his cousins.

The River House..... so beautiful!