Sunday, March 8, 2015

Our Miracle Child

As a parent I write this and look back wondering how our family made it through the last 36 hours. I sit here with our beautiful daughter's head laying in my lap sharing her hospital bed. I can't stop praising God for the MIRACLE He gave us, our baby girl. Piper not only survived drowning, but she has become herself again in 24 hours. The doctors and staff at Phx Children's can only describe it as a miracle. I know it is the power of prayer. Scott and I stayed awake all night last night reading book of Psalms, praying, and talking her through her shaking. We knew it was going to be a long road ahead and all we wanted was to see our Piper again, and if we were lucky have her become some of the girl she was before. I lay here as another helicopter is landing outside and pray that child will have the same outcome my daughter did. She has proved to everyone how determined, sassy and how much of a fighter she truly is. SHE IS OUR PIPER!! She was born a fighter and if God was going to have this happen to anyone, Piper would be the one to come out of it.
We are not sure when we will be discharged or how long the process will be. We have many tests to undergo and many things to accomplish but I can tell you she is a walking miracle. The first words out of her mouth were "I want my daddy" and then the nurse asked her about her brother and she said he was 5. For anyone who knows someone that has been found in water face down, this doesn't happen, especially in the first 24 hours. She is a MIRACLE child. THANK YOU, JESUS!!!
This was her on her ventilator, EEG Machine, Catheter, Neck Brace & Cooling blanket.
She didn't have any seizures for 24 hours so she got her EEG tabs off her head.

This was the first sight we had of her. When Scott and I walked in to see her for the first time, she opened her eye and responded to Scott and I with her bright blue eyes. Even though seeing her like this was hard, God gave us the promise by letting her acknowledge us!!!

More of our girl fighting harder than anyone I can ever say has fought!!!

When she was admitted, she came in at 31 C. They wanted her to get to 36.5. She was allowed to increase .2 every hour.  We had to keep her on a cooling blanket so she was shivering because her body was so cold. This was good for the brain but we couldn't let her warm up too fast. They had to sedate her several times to keep her from warming up. She couldn't believe she was fighting like she was.

The little bear under her arm was picked out by Cohen and purchased by the Buckeye Fire Dept. Cohen couldn't see her due to being young but he face time and called every time he was at the hospital. Piper sure wants to see her big bro!!

All daddy wanted was to hear his girl speak. This was her first time speaking. "I WANT MY DADDY." Scott held her hand and told her he will never leave her and how proud he was. This moment is one I will NEVER forget. Daddy saved her life!

This was Piper taking the test to see if she could get her cervical collar off. The lady did not think it would happen but Piper  as always, surprised everyone. She passed it like it was easy. She was so happy!!!

Laying with Whiskers and enjoying the freedom of a million wires.

Grammy and Nurse Jen trying to keep her down to give her medicine. She needed held down by 3 adults at one time. They couldn't believe someone so small was so strong.

Dr. Barranco & Jessica came to the hospital on Saturday night and brought each of the kids a stuffed animal.  They got Cohen a tiger, he named it "Zooma." There is a cool story behind why they picked a Tiger too.

So thankful to lay in the bed with my baby. I never thought I would be able to fit in the bed with her. It was beyond filled with wires and now we fit!!!

Piper's favorite "Ass" showing her pictures. Piper is talking and acting just like Piper. Sassy and mighty.

Coloring a picture with her new coloring book from Ms. Heidi and Ms. Amy.

Feeding Jello for the first time.

It didn't last long before she wanted to do it herself. She still has an IV on left hand but she figured it out.

She had to go to the bathroom and refused to go in her diaper. She used a bed pan and portable toilet to accommodate her. Of course, Piper was only going to do what she wanted. She did NOT want to go in her pants. Ps... check out her hair...

Playing with Grammy and Papa. We are waiting for my first "real" food to arrive.

I love playing games!!!

Cohen in the lobby playing with his new toy for Isabella.

She chose pizza, fries, chocolate milk and ice cream.

Being silly...

My favorite of them all. Sissy eating, smiling, laughing and loving that Auntie Chanel flew here to be with her.

On Saturday morning, Scott and the kids were home while I was out. They were all playing outside and then Scott went inside and Cohen followed. Scott didn't realize she was still outside. He noticed she wasn't with him, so he ran outside. Piper had fallen in the pool and was floating head down. He immediately got her out and started doing CPR. He had Cohen find his phone while he gave CPR. Scott called 911 and continued. Thankfully, we live 2 blocks from the new station. The paramedics rushed her to the front and continued the process. Scott then called us to get home right away.

When I arrived the entire block was filled with emergency vehicles. They wanted confirmation of who I was before even letting me in my house. I came up to see my baby on the ground and a handful of men surrounding her and yelling to get different tools. I prayed and held Scott and tried to touch Piper. Cohen was inside with the neighbor talking. We didn't want him to see if he didn't have to. I heard Piper scream (which is great) but then the sentence ended with helicopter will be here is 3 minutes. They said she is going to PCH and firemen will be driving us.

Scott and I went in the car with Cody, the firemen. We were escorted back by the crisis team and social workers at the hospital. They put us in a private room and asked us to wait for the doctor. No one could tell us anything other than we couldn't see Piper. Our pastor arrived right away and was with us. Dr. Ponce, ER doc came in and told us he couldn't tell us if she was okay or not .We had to wait for 2.5 hours to hear anything else. Talk about the longest time ever.... and scariest. The story continues at the top at this point..... So thankful for the happy ending!!

A very very special thank you to our family and friends (whom are family) that have come to visit, pray and be with us during these tough days. We wouldn't have been able to do it without you. God truly listens to prayer and all of you made a huge difference.