Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring Break 2014

Disneyland March 2014

We spent 3 days in Disneyland with Mom, Kaylee, Cody and our family. It was one of our favorite trips. We did not expect Piper to like it as much as she did. Cohen was a dare devil and wanted to ride all the big rides. It was nice to spend time with the my family that I don't get to see much either. A big thank you to my mom for planning the trip and being such a big help with the kids. We love you!
In Mickey's house

Look at the smile on the kid's faces.

He found Goofy right when we walked in, this made him even more excited about Disney.

Lunch Break

I spy Piper

Disneyland makes you tired... says Brookie.

This is post Grizzly River... he thought he was pretty cool at this moment.

Co choose to use his money from Grandma's to get his face painted.

Grizzly River was Cohen's favorite ride. They wanted me to go on it at night to get wet.. .NO WAY!

But Mom... I want to see the princess!

I believe this was an attempt to break dance.

Grandma Bus and Miss Piper looking for daddy and brother on the ride.

Such a great time with my wonderful family!
I spy Minnie Mouse

Right when we got to Disneyland

Piper's first ride on the spacesheet

Watching the color water show in California Adventrure

Trip to Oceanside

We spent Piper's birthday and the weekend with the Gingg family in Oceanside. We stayed at the beach house and the kids had a great time playing together. We spent Friday on the beach and Saturday hanging around the house and sun bathing. It was a wonderful, relaxing mini vacay.. to prepare for Disneyland.

The girls watching their crazy brother(s)

These boys have so much fun together.

A Daddy and His Girl :)

Soccer & Rainy Days

Cohen's Soccer Games -

Cohen is playing on a 3-4 year old league and is having a wonderful time. He loves the game and has done very well. Here are some pictures from the first two games.

Cohen got pushed down by a girl on the other team... he was pretty mad.
Warming up for the game.

Papa and Sissy

Playing aggressive

Our little girl :)

A Rainy Day -

You know your kids are born and raised in Arizona when playing in the rain becomes the excitement of the day. The streets were flooded and they could not have had more fun. We ended up getting stuck at our friends later that night but it was great watching the kids play in the rain... first