Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Happy 7 Months Piper!

Walking with her walker

Playing with big cousin Miah

We had 3 princesses and Cohen was the guard "protecting" them with his bow & arrows.

This arrow kept Piper busy for about 30 minutes....

Daddy does not love this pic....

I loved all the expressions she was making, especially this one.
Miah wrapped herself up in ribbon to look like a "princess"

Breaking it down....

Cinderella Abby wanted  a turn to dance

Such a beautiful girl

Little Diva in the making :)

Cousinly love

Piper is Standing!

Tonight Piper stood all by herself. She was standing multiple times for 5 to 10 seconds. She is getting so big. I hope she holds off on walking for awhile still :)

Holding daddy's hand.....

Letting go and standing all alone!

A little wobbly, but still standing.

Sibling bathtime

Big brother always wants to hold her and tickle her

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Piper's Pre-Halloween Shoot

I am sure I will take more pictures, especially of the kids together but I was inpatient and wanted to take some asap. Piper is now almost 7 months and had her appointment last week for her check up. She is doing wonderful. The doctor said she is at a developmental level of a 9 month old and looks great! She is eating most foods and we have yet to find something she does not like or is allergic too. Stats of appointment: Weight: 15.06 lbs, 21% Length: 26 inches, 39%; Head: 17 inches, 68%. She still is a mommy's girl and loves to be held. Her brother however is her favorite person in the world. Anything he does she laughs and thinks is hilarious. He is such a wonderful big brother and they have too much fun together. Their favorite thing to do is wake eachother up. Piper loves to wake up Cohen in the mornings. I have found that is the only way to wake him up and keep him in a good mood. At times he will yell from his room "Mom, have Piper come wake me up" it is precious!

Cohen's First Soccer Game

Scott and I are coaching Cohen's 3-4 year old scocer team. He is still only 2 but it is almost his birthday and he loves the sport so we figured we would try it out. I was worried he would be timid since he was a lot younger but he did great. He wanted to the ball from the other team and at times from his own team (We are learning about that now). The games are on Saturdays and the practices are Wednesdays. We are excited to watch the kids learn more about the sport and have a good time doing it. Here are few pics of his first game on 10/6/2012.

Coach Daddy and Cohen getting ready for the game to start.

He kept defending this kid and the two starting getting aggressive with one another. It was funny but we had to tell them to stop pushing.

He was not a fan of having to sit out during the game for a "rest." He kept asking when it was his turn to go back in.

As we all remember... snack at the end of the game is AWESOME!