Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pool Time- Memorial Day

Our dare devil son decided to put the trampoline next to the pool and not just jump in but flip in.
He was a little close to the edge so we had to make a few adjustments. Hopefully sissy doesn't get any ideas from big brother.

It was more of a dive than a flip...

Look mom I am holding on with only 1 hand.

Such a big girl!

New trick.. deflate arm floaty little by little requiring him to swim on his own.

Auntie Ash & Uncle Greg

The Gillis' Wedding!

Mitch & Krystal were married on 5/25/13. Scott was one of the groomsmen. It was a great time. The kids loved the dancing and Cohen is still talking about Krystal's fancy white dress. He told me she was beautiful.

Dancing Machine!

Uncle Mark & Michelle

Really with Cohen's smile..

Always leading his sister

Sometimes she doesn't want take his lead....

His maple bacon pancake

The beautiful bride and groom

All she wanted was her daddy.. Love!

Her beauty left him speechless.... He was fascinated with her but would not talk to her.

Dancing the night away!

Trip to Great Grandma & Grandpa Nelson's

Last week we had the opportunity to fly to Minneapolis for Mitch & Krystal's wedding. We went a few days early to see Scott's family. We drove to New Effington to visit his grandparents. This was mine and the kids first time there. It was so much fun playing on the farm and they loved the riding lawn mower.

Climbing the trees

They chased each other up and down the hill. Cohen loved riding his scooter "super duper fast"

Touching the kitty

Checking out the grass daddy and Cohen mowed

Playing with his bubble maker

I love this picture!

Their property is beautiful!