Saturday, November 21, 2015

Boating, Knotts Berry & Back to School

Erika did a rotation at Mayo this summer which meant she lived in AZ for month. It was so nice to have her here. Jer & the boys came for a week during that time. The kids had so much fun together. It makes me sad that they don't get to spend more time together.
Of course, we had to have an adult night out with NO kids too :)

Kiper & Cruise...  they play like best friends and he calls her Kiper.

Adult trip to Sedona.

Wine tasting and dinner

We took the kids to the water park. They loved it!

These two had no fear and were riding rides all by themselves.

Grandma Bus ordered Piper her own quad....

Grandma Bus & Piper making cupcakes

Family night... Diamondbacks vs. Astros. It was a family feud.

Visiting daddy during over-seeding.

 Boating Fun!
We love boating in the summer months. The kids love having their friends out on the boat and always want to try new things. Cohen got pretty good this summer going in and out of the wake, Piper tried surfing with daddy and Cohen learned to surf all by himself.

The kids wanted to see who daddy could throw higher.

Cohen did Montezuma's Revenge... we had to put socks in his shoes so he could make the 48 inch cut off. He loved it. I think it scared me more than him. Such a daredevil!

This ride was more Piper & Cruise's size... they did this over and over again.

First day of kindergarten & pre-school. They are in the same class this year and love it.

Silly faces with grandma bus. We spent the weekend camping out at the lake in her motorhome. It was a lot of fun. Thank goodness we had air conditioning.

Boating is hard work.....

Piper surfing for the first time.

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We did have tops on... they were just tube tops.
The three musketeers....

Our annual trip to Havasu with friends.