Tuesday, April 14, 2015

News Stories on Piper

Today, Jennifer Gonzalez, the 911 dispatcher that helped Scott during CPR on Piper was honored for tremendous work. We were able to be there as she was interviewed and acknowledged. It was an amazing day.

Channel 12 Story
Channel 3 Story
Channel 10 Story

Friday, April 3, 2015

Piper's Recovery!

This past month has been very crazy for our family. We now appreciate each day much more than ever before. We have been able to witness God's power and saw his work through Piper. She is a MIRACLE!! These are some pictures taken during her recovery process. She is back to herself 100% and keeping us on our toes. She is doing gymnastics, swim lessons and bugging her brother more than ever. We are forever grateful to everyone that helped us along the way and was there for us in the most difficutl time of our lives. Our friends/family are amazing. Thank you to all of you for being there and praying for Piper's recover. We definelty felt the power of prayer!

Playing in the courtyard at the hospital. She was so bored in her room she wanted to run around everywhere.

So happy to be up walking.

Moving from the PICU to the normal rooms

Daddy & Piper watching the helicopter come in. He was explaining that she came in on one of those.

Secretly meeting brother at the elevator to say hi. Cohen wasn't able to come up to the room so this 3 second window was the only time he was able to see her while she was in the hospital.

Helping Mommy write and color thank you notes

Her candy basket from my work was delivered right before we were discharged.

Our neighbors decorated our house with a banner signed by everyone and little encouraging hearts with sayings. It was very special and much appreciated.

Being goofy :)

Picking brother up and really getting to see him for the first time.

They wanted to have a slumber party the first night they were home.

Visiting the fire station to tell all the guys THANK YOU!

This is the chief. He told us he has been on 8 child drowning calls in his career, and Piper is the first to survive. Such a MIRACLE from God!

All the ladies at her birthday party. It was one week after her accident! Most meaningful birthday ever!

Playing on her bounce house.

The fire department paid to put a fence up at our house. This is a huge relief and has helped Scott & my anxiety with water.

Practicing her gymnastics.
Piper's 3rd birthday party was PJ/breakfast themed. It was a lot of fun!

Cohen & Calab

Reading the poem my mom wrote for Piper. So beautiful.

Pinata time. However, Piper was the only one that was not interested.

Sleeping on Ms. Diane's boat. Notice the messy face and the lip sucking. She can fall asleep anywhere.