Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Photo Shoot

I am a little late on the Christmas pictures but decided to take some today. It was a little cold in Idaho to put Piper in her outfit. She loved it and Cohen wanted to help with the pictures.
Cohen's new jersey from Papa Roger & Nani

We went to the train lights on Friday and Cohen loved all the animals.

It was freezing, and yes she is wearing daddy's beanie

Waiting for the train to go by

Co pretending to talk to "grandam bus" and thank her for all the cool supplies and kitchen

Christmas in Idaho

 We spent the Christmas holiday in Idaho at Aunt Stacy's house. We were able to spend time with all the cousins and Scott's family. It was great to see everyone. It was sad that both our kids got sick and Cohen broke his leg but we still enjoyed seeing everyone and getting to spend time at Stacy's in their new house.
Snuggling with Auntie Stacy

Playing in the snow that Mr. Rob just scooped up.

All the cousins

Cohen waiting like such a big boy to see the doctor. He insisted on taking his Nigh-Night with him :)

Just found out he needed a cast, so we moved to the "casting room"

Cohen was so serious and patient while they casted his leg

Watching intently, and excited to have a dark blue cast.

 Confused what is on his leg but insisted on having dark blue ice cream when we got home to match his cast.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Cooking at the holidays...

Baking Christmas cookies with Auntie Ash!

Sprinkles were our favorite part.

Scott built us a brick pizza oven this past month and we were able to use it for the first time on Friday night. It turned out amazing.

The boys made their own and even rolled out the dough.