Monday, April 28, 2014

Piper is TWO!

This little girl is the light of our world. She is spunky, stubborn, smart, beautiful and has a bubbly personality. She never seems to surprise us. Each day she is learning new things and teaching us patience. She loves "BoBo" aka Zoey and Papa. At her 2 year old check up she was 23.5 lbs (22%) and 77% in height. She is healthy and overly energetic. We would not change a thing about Miss Piper and are beyond thankful to have her as a daughter.

They wanted to be silly and Sissy kept copying big brother.

My handsome guy :)

Dropping from tower.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter 2014

That face.

Love these two kids more than anything in this world.

After Good Friday Service

Cohen looked like he was a handsome Pit Boss or from Miami Vice!
Telling Sissy to give him a kiss. She doesn't listen very good.
But she does love to say "Cheeeeeese"
Love this picture of her :)

This reminds me of a photo that would be shown after a kid is drafted by the Broncos.. maybe one day??

In the morning Cohen woke up to find his Easter basket. He saw the empty plastic eggs on the counter and asked Scott and I why the Easter Bunny did not hide the eggs. He then noticed they were empty. We had to have Easter Bunny come back during nap time since the Bunny was too hot to go outside at night.
Egg hiding before kids woke up = 0, Kids noticing = 1.

Of course, now they take a good picture together. Why not this am?
The Daner and Sissy :)

Piper loved looking for eggs

Cohen and Katy using his new Rainbow Loom from the Easter Bunny.