Tuesday, August 27, 2013

San Diego Summer 2013

To celebrate Scott's 30th birthday and my graduation, we spent the weekend in San Diego. We drove over late Thursday night and came home Sunday. On Friday, we went to the USS Midway, on a Harbor Tour, Beach and walk around downtown Carlsbad. Saturday we spent the afternoon at the park and more time on the beach. It was a wonderful trip and one that will be remembered forever! Thank you Linda & Larry for letting us use the time share :)
Getting ready to go on the USS Midway
Brother was pushing her a little crazy....
Smile Piper :)

The love this daddy has for his girl, warms my heart!

Cohen was sent to the "Brig"
This was the boat we went on for our Harbor Tour. (look at Piper's smile again)
She loved the sand!
Daddy helping build a sand castle.
Driving the vessel
Running from the waves....
They were trying to build a castle together
Love this boy so much!
Digging with his "BIG" shovel

She looks like she is going to eat my face

And now she looks like she did not like...
Jumping over the waves
Go long daddy
I love the smile on both their faces :)
Again, her famous "SMILE"
Finally, a real smile
Just hanging around....
Our beautiful little girl
So serious

Monday, August 26, 2013

Princess Piper

I decided to take a few pictures of Piper one Sunday afternoon. She was not cooperating very well but I guess those types of pics show her personality the best... stubborn and on her own schedule.