Saturday, October 2, 2010

Long time no post...

I promise I did not forget about the blog, but things have been crazy and I may have lost my camera for a couple weeks... Life is great here in Arizona for the Nelson family. Cohen has not crawled yet since we got back from Oregon. He thinks he is pretty cool walking everywhere. I cannot believe how much he learns and trys each day. He is starting to climb on the oven, cupboards and the crib.

Climbs out of his high chair too...

Daddy and Cohen playing with the Ipad. He loves the letter game.

Cohen has found his favorite thing, his penis. He loves being naked and running around the house grabbing it at all times. Father like son.. hahaha :)

Ready for church and helping mommy get ready.

Happy belated birthday Uncle CJ. We miss you and love you.

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