Thursday, September 22, 2011

Our Trip to Oregon

Rylan's first football jamboree. He is so darn tiny out there but looks super cute!

Loving the tractor
Isaac and Chase

Beautiful Oregon

Chanel, Chase & Rayl

Best Friends Forever and ever!!!

On the "Green" Farm.

Enjoying cotton candy and Ama's house

Uncle CJ with Cohen

Only in Oregon would Cohen have a smile on his face drinking water out of a hose.

The boys and "Amma or aka Bus"

Cooper's football practice

Papa, D & Co

Cohen and D playing at Cooper's football practice

Balls at Papa's Pizza.

Papa, Nani. Ry & Co

Oh-no there goes Cohen (look at Ari's face)

Cohen and Spiderman at Noah's birthday

Baby Brandt and Cohen


  1. THANKKKKKSSSSS for posting :) LOVE the pic of your mama and 3 boys! Miss you bunches! xoxo

  2. Let me know when ya get the whole batch loaded up on Photobucket pretty please! Channy and I talked about getting some copies made :)