Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Cohen!

This was a very busy weekend at the Nelson household. We had a wonderful time celebrating Cohen's birthday as well as Thanksgiving with our friends and family. He now keeps saying "Happy Birtday" and "Presents" all the time. He is slightly confused since he got two birthdays.

Cohen went for a ride in Dane's 1929 Model A car. He thought it was so cool. He was waving at the stars as we drove.

His birthday cupcake Nani made him.

Cohen sat and listened to Cason explain his duck hunting game as if he understood everything.

Oh the messes him and Molly made in the room...

Riding his scooter!
Opening his new car from Ammy and Poppi.

This is Cohen telling us he is "2" now.

Nani and Cohen on his real birthday.

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