Monday, January 30, 2012

Playing Sports

Tonight we went to Scott's basketball game and I think it is the highlight of Cohen's week. Every Monday night he plays and that is all he talks about. He has to wear his "jersey" like daddy and his basketball shoes... which he loves thanks to Auntie Chanel. He has a little ball and he thinks he is just like daddy making baskets and passing. It is pretty cute.

This is him sitting watching the big boys shoot hoops... he is intrigued by them.

Playing soccer in the park with daddy, Cason and Cohen. He is starting to catch on that you can't touch it with your hands.

Using his new golf clubs that Santa brought him. He enjoys golfing just like daddy and his papa's. However, he did tell me that I was not allowed to go to the golf course only boys and nani could.

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