Friday, March 16, 2012

Welcome Home!

Cohen is so proud of his new sister. We have to remind him "soft hands" but other than that he seems to do pretty good. All he wanted this am was to show her his bedroom and her new room.

Our first car ride... she slept the entire way.
Piper passed her hearing test with flying colors. She was amazing.

Our last night in the hospital. Cohen stayed with Grammy and Papa for the two nights but came to visit a lot. He brought her flowers and a balloon.. which he only wanted her to hold. He is already a wonderful big brother to his baby sister.

Grammy and Piper!
This picture is precious.
Papa Larry holding his youngest grand-daughter.
Cohen took a shower at "mommy's doctor." He woke up this am asking Grammy if he could go back to the doctor and take another shower. I think he was in there for 20 minutes playing peekaboo with daddy and splashing himself. Glad we didn't have to pay that water bill!
Peekaboo daddy.....
Auntie Kenz and her little nephew and niece.

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