Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Piper's Pre-Halloween Shoot

I am sure I will take more pictures, especially of the kids together but I was inpatient and wanted to take some asap. Piper is now almost 7 months and had her appointment last week for her check up. She is doing wonderful. The doctor said she is at a developmental level of a 9 month old and looks great! She is eating most foods and we have yet to find something she does not like or is allergic too. Stats of appointment: Weight: 15.06 lbs, 21% Length: 26 inches, 39%; Head: 17 inches, 68%. She still is a mommy's girl and loves to be held. Her brother however is her favorite person in the world. Anything he does she laughs and thinks is hilarious. He is such a wonderful big brother and they have too much fun together. Their favorite thing to do is wake eachother up. Piper loves to wake up Cohen in the mornings. I have found that is the only way to wake him up and keep him in a good mood. At times he will yell from his room "Mom, have Piper come wake me up" it is precious!

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