Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Winter Play Time

This is the cool new ball pit Scott built for the kids. Cohen loves this. He uses it as a basketball hoop and he can get everything out of it all by himself.

Opening his amazing Christmas present from Auntie Sassy & Uncle Mike

Eating her banana

and still eating.....

Playing at the park

This is the cutest outfit that Aunt Sassy bought her. It is called Piper baby too :)

Taking Sissy down the slide

Well sending her alone... then proceeded to go down after her and kick her in the head. She was not happy with him.

Wrestling with Andrew, Noah & Molly

Uncle Ed & Piper

Andrew is so good with the kids. Cohen just loves him!

My favorite picture ever. I love these two!

Nani and her girls :) Look at Nina vs. Piper hair.

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