Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend

I had the best Mother's day weekend with the family. We were really busy but had such a great time.

Friday night was movie in park:
Piper's friend Holden
Hugging one another
Such a big girl!
Sharing dinner while Mommy and Daddy cook.

Saturday we helped do yard work at Cohen's school:
Playing at Cohen's School

Doing the monkey bars
Cleaning the slide....
and playing in water!
Daddy planting flowers at Co's school
This is the backyard at Cohen's school
This is the back of his school
The garden
Thr chore list, each day it changes and the kids have different responsibilities
Then we went boating:
Our little model
She is such a happy girl now, almost all the time :)
Pretending to drive. She just hangs out and loves being on the boat.
Who can shoot their gun further?
Love these two :)
I am such a big girl now mom!

And now we both need to sleep, the sun tired us out!

Mother's Day Pictures

Cohen wanted to feed sissy breakfast
Look at the love she has for him...

Hide and seek in mommy's blanket
The first time I painted her nails *she sat in the highchair while I painted *

Please let me swing mommy!
How do you say no to that face?
My handsome man!
Always has something sport object in his hand... wonder who is dad is?

He is the best big brother a sister could ever ask for.

These are the flowers they got me at church

Daddy stop taking pics, the sun is in our eyes
The best mother's day ever! Cohen made me the beautiful vase and Scott picked out the new watch.

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