Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Family Vacay to San Diego

We all made a last minute trip to celebrate Erika's 30th Birthday together in San Diego. We spent the first day at Knott's Berry Farm and then hung out on the beach. It was such a fun mini vacation. The kids had a blast together.
Happy Halloween

Her "Cheese" face
Cohen thought he was so cool pumping like Maxi does
Such a sweet face
We all need to help Piper
At Knott's Berry Farm
Deciding what rides we are going to go on
Maxi's favorite ride. He rode this like 50 times
Such a good daddie/uncle
Now it was their turn to try
My sweet girl
The ride was a little faster than I was obviously expecting.
Looking for treasures
This boy can't get any cuter :)
This face describes Piper perfectly... BRAT & Knows what she wants!
All of us playing in the sand~
Time to bury Rylan
Check out those boobs on Ry...
Want Sand?
Sibling Love~
Tajubg the two little ones in the water

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