Sunday, February 16, 2014

Our Day On The Lake

We were able to go out and enjoy the warm weather with Grammy and Papa yesterday. The kids always have so much fun on the boat. It was nice to finally take them out. We had a picnic on the water and then went to dinner after. It was a great evening and we are thankful for Az sunshine to be able to use the boat in February.
Handsome Daddy!
This is too high, daddy.
"You can see far from up here" says Cohen
She is definitely a Papa's girl.
but love Grammy too... don't mind it being slightly blurry.
What is with his smile?? Piper finally learned how to smile and now he does this???
I love this picture. Sharing Cheeto's on the back of the boat.
Caught red handed stealing a cookie.
Such a great face, Cohen.
She must have been watching mommy too much.... oops :)
Siblings sharing so nicely

Surprisingly noone fell into the 67 degree water. I was fairly confident one of them would by the end.

We love Grammy so much!

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