Sunday, August 3, 2014

Golf, Gymnastics, Park Time = Family Time

These are some of the pictures we have taken over the past month. We enjoyed going out to Scott's work and hit some balls together. Cohen has gotten pretty good. Piper still needs a little practice. The summer has been hot but thankfully we have still been able to enjoy time together and have been outside quit a bit.

Trying to get her started early.


Her form needs a little practice.

She clearly was pretty excited about going on a ride...

Our little golfer
Trying to see what is inside the gymnastics room

Practicing his balance.

Learning to do the balance beam

She loves the bars

Boating with Uncle Ed

Daddy having a drink while surfing.

Movie night in Cohen's room.

Mommy and Daddy Selfie

Crazy Piper...

Sweet Piper

Left Knee Contusion- Table fell on the little guy and now he has an ace bandage. It sure beats a cast.

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