Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas

We spent Thanksgiving weekend decorating the house. The kids had a great time helping out. It is fun watching them this year as they are getting older and wanting to do more. They are much more excited for Christmas than they have been in the past. I love this time of year!

My big helper.

Cohen and daddy putting up Christmas lights. He thought since he climbed on the playhouse roof at Papa's house
he would be just fine on our roof. He did great! He wasn't scared at all.

Sissy getting ready to ride her big girl bike for the first time. It took her a few times to get the peddling motion down.

Tree decorating

Wrapping Cohen's gift. She drew him such a nice picture on the paper.

Wrapping Piper's gift from Cohen. He picked it out all by himself.

She thinks she is so cool with her big cousin.

The whole group. We were able to get the front of the train.

The cousins enjoying the lights.

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