Friday, February 27, 2015

Texas 2015

Cohen and I decided to take a trip to Dallas to see the Gingg family for a weekend. Our other friends were able to come with us for the adventure. It was great seeing their new house/ranch and allowing the boys to all play together again. Here are a few photos that sum up the CRAZY action filled weekend.

Cohen playing with Blake before take off.

About 10 minutes after this, they were all in their underwear :)

Their beautiful home.

This is pretty much a sum of the whole weekend... wrestling like crazy!

On our adventure hike

Such a sweet, beautiful little girl :)

Climbing up with windmill

Those eyes....

They had so much fun running around the property. Thankfully, we were there before the winter storm hit.

The lake on the ranch.

Such sweet children!

Climbing under the "hot" fence.. which thankfully was off. However, James was pretending and doing the army crawl
from 15 feet back.

The crew (minus Blakey)

Cohen helping Blake on the plane

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